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Court Reporters Board of California License Defense

Court Reporters Board of California License Defense Attorney

The Court Reporters Board of California licenses and regulates court reporters throughout the state. All Court Reporters Board licensees must adhere to the Business & Professions Code and regulations enacted by the Court Reporters Board of California.

Licenses issued by the Court Reporters Board of California include:

1) Court Reporter License

The Court Reporters Board of California can initiate an investigation, issue a Citation or file an Accusation for the following acts:

1) Felony convictions

2) Misdemeanor convictions

3) Violations of the Business & Professions Code

These violations of the Business & Professions Code can trigger an Accusation:

1) Failure to Deliver Stenographic Notes

2) Incompetence

3) Misrepresentation

4) Repeated Unexcused Failure to Transcribe Notes

5) Unlicensed Activity

6) Unprofessional Conduct

7) Violation of Minimum Transcript Format Standards

8) Violation of Professional Standards of Practice

Potential consequences of an investigation, citation or Accusation include:

1) CRB License suspension

2) CRB License revocation

3) CRB License probation

4) Criminal charges

5) Administrative fines

Court Reporters Board of California licensees are often charged with criminal offenses in California:

Many Court Reporters Board of California licensees are charged with criminal offenses in California. Law enforcement officers throughout the state investigate CRB licensees for criminal law violations. The California Attorney General’s Office conducts sting operations designed to catch individuals violating the law.

If you possess a Court Reporters Board of California license and are facing an investigation or Accusation, contact the Law Offices of Seth Weinstein at (310) 707-7131.

We assist Court Reporters Board of California licensees in applying for and defending CRB licenses in Alameda, Bakersfield, Beverly Hills, Chico, Concord, Contra Costa County, Cupertino, Davis, El Centro, Escondido, Eureka, Fontana, Fremont, Fresno, Hanford, Hayward, Hemet, Hollywood, Humboldt County, Imperial County, Indio, Kern County, Lancaster, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Madera, Marin County, Mendocino, Merced, Modesto, Monterey, Mountain View, Murrieta, Napa, Oakland, Oceanside, Ontario, Orange County, Oxnard, Palm Springs, Palmdale, Palo Alto, Paso Robles, Perris, Placerville, Rancho Cucamonga, Redding, Richmond, Riverside, Roseville, Sacramento, Salinas, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, San Joaquin County, San Jose, San Luis Obispo, San Mateo, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara County, Santa Clarita, Santa Cruz, Santa Maria, Santa Monica, Santa Rosa, Simi Valley, Stockton, Sunnyvale, Temecula, Thousand Oaks, Tracy, Truckee, Tulare, Turlock, Vacaville, Vallejo, Ventura County, Victorville, Visalia, Vista, Walnut Creek, West Hollywood, and Yuba City.

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"Seth Weinstein was the key to my success in obtaining my plumbing license. Arrests from my past were hindering my chances of becoming a licensed plumbing contractor. From the first time we spoke about my predicament, I realized I was in the hands of someone who dealt with many cases just like mine. While searching the Internet, I discovered there aren't many lawyers in California with this specialty. He was professional, courteous and straightforward on what needed to be done. Seth was always easy to get a hold of when I had any questions. He updated me on all conversations he had with the CSLB and always gave me the scenarios of what would happen based on their next move/ decision. I took all his advice on getting letters and character witnesses to strengthen my case. When I left my appeal hearing, I felt confident that Seth gave me the best chance to win my appeal. I am now a California Licensed Plumbing Contractor. I just want to thank you again Seth. You did a great job representing me and there is no way I could have done it without you!"

Contractor Greg T., Los Angeles Client

"I came across Seth Weinstein during an internet search for an attorney to represent my husband against the Contractors State License Board. I am also an attorney myself. My husband graduated from one of the top Architect schools in the country and has been practicing for over 25 years as a designer and Contractor building high end residential and commercial projects all over the world. He has excellent reviews from his clients and his work has been published in the New York Times and numerous other publications. He has never had any complaints filed against him in in his over 20 years of practice. In facts most of his clients usually become good friends. He is honest and passionate about his work and goes out of his way to make his clients happy. Suddenly we were faced with the worst nightmare any professional might face in their life: Shrewd dishonest clients, a lawyer and a doctor, who had no qualms about committing fraud and bullying to get what they want. They have a long history of refusing to pay for their services but are sophisticated and threatening enough to intimidate vendors to walk away. My husband did not get intimidated and demanded they pay him for his work that exceeded hundreds of thousand of dollars. They threatened him if he does not walk away they will retaliate. They drew up fraudulent yet sophisticated claims against him with CSLB.

Unfortunately CSLB did not do their due diligence in their investigation. They hastily sent our case against to the Attorney General; my husband was facing Administrative charges and could have lost his license. It was one of the most stressful times in our marriage. We fired the first lawyer who was handling our case and hired Seth Weinstein. The previous lawyer did not do any work to settle the case. He wanted to go to the trial so he could make more money. We were three months away from our trial. Seth was the complete opposite from the lawyer we fired. He was communicative, hard working, extremely honest and efficient in his hours and billing. He was also so on top of it in his follow up even when we were falling behind. There were thousands of documents and he got up to speed immediately and recognized the key issues.  Seth had to work with three other attorneys who were working with us on our case. One attorney is representing us against the client so we could get our money back.  The other attorney was from our insurance company fighting against fraudulent alleged defects. Seth worked with all them flawlessly to coordinate the matter and got up to speed in two months. This case was over three years old when we saw Seth. Seth managed to get the most amazing settlement for us from a Deputy Attorney General who has a reputation for not wanting to settle cases and is zealous in his prosecution.  I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Seth Weinstein as an attorney."

G.M. & Contractor H.M., Los Angeles Clients

"I really want to thank Seth for his outstanding professionalism. Dealing with CSLB is a stressful experience and Seth took the time to explain the process and provide guidance that things would work out. When meeting Seth, I was impressed by his positive aura, I believed in his optimistic persona and extensive experience, truly a honest and helpful attorney. If you are looking for a CSLB or licensing attorney, look no farther you have landed at the best firm. I can speak from experience. Again thank you Seth."

Contractor Fred A., Los Angeles Client

"Prior to meeting Seth Weinstein, our discussions with other attorneys left us with a impression that our legal situation was totally hopeless and the costs would be so high we where considering surrendering professional license and closing my dad's Land Surveying business. On our initial free phone consultation with Mr. Weinstein I was extremely impressed by not just his knowledge of the law but the very accurate assessment of our complex legal matter. Throughout the process of professional license defense, Mr. Weinstein demonstrated a high degree of resolve and professionalism. At the Court Hearing, I was very pleased with his confidence, effectiveness and ability to think on his feet. I have never witnessed such a masterful execution of the law. If your case goes to trial or hearing, I can assure that you want this attorney on your side! I am well satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend Seth. Mr. Weinstein is a phenomenal attorney, who quickly absorbed the details and circumstances involved in my case. He not only grasped the situation but was able to design an effective legal strategy with realistic goals. We believe Mr. Weinstein to be the most honest, ethical and competent attorney we have met and we are lifelong clients. Thank you Seth for saving our family Land Surveying business and livelihood!" 

Land Surveyor Michael S. & Angel S., San Diego Clients

"I hired Seth Weinstein when I needed legal representation for my business at an administrative hearing for my licensed family child care home. He helped me through a very tough situation with Community Care Licensing Division and was very patient, explained the process thoroughly and simplified things for me very well and was extremely supportive. He took his time to answer all of my questions and in my opinion went above and beyond my expectations. His attention to detail was fantastic and extremely helpful.  He walked me through the entire process and was extremely detailed in providing me with all possible concerns, issues that could arise and possible solutions. With his help and representation my case had a positive outcome and he is so detail oriented that he has called and emailed afterwards just to check in to see how we are doing. Although I hope never to need his services again I would definitely call him if I ever did and have since recommended him and passed his information on to others that I know."

Child Care/Day Care Provider Marina V., Ventura County Client 

"We have a family corporation that operates two separate facilities; a Pre school and an Infant care center.  The school is licensed to enroll two year old children up to six yeasr old. A two year old boy went out of the facility unnoticed. The incident was reported to the Police and to the Social Services per Protocol. Despite all of these, the Department of Social Service recommended the revocation of the Pre School license and the Infant Care Center license.  The Department of Social Services rejected a settlement and the case went to trial. During the trial, Attorney Weinstein was well prepared before the Administrative Judge to discredit almost all of the charges presented by the Social Service Prosecuting Lawyer. Attorney Weinstein acted as though he was destroying the arguments of the prosecution point by point. His closing arguments were so powerful that the judge used most of them in the narrative report of her decision in our favor. We got what we requested from the Court. Our two licensees were not revoked. Attorney Weinstein has the qualities of a top notch Lawyer!"

Pre School/Child Care Center Providers Betty A. & Luis A., Los Angeles Clients

"I recently retained the services of Seth Weinstein to represent me in a matter involving the Medical Board. With a deadline of only a few business days, Seth quickly gathered all the necessary information and was ready to help me immediately. He had extensive knowledge and experience with professional licensing, which put me at ease during a very difficult and confusing time. He was very professional but also very personable and always available to talk to me. The Board closed their inquiry without taking any action against me. I highly recommend the law services of Seth Weinstein."

Medical Dr. N.P., Ventura County Client

"I am a Respiratory Therapist and have been in the medical field for 15 plus years. I recently had some personal problems that I did not handle correctly and wound up with a DUI and a possession charge.  The Respiratory Care Board tried to suspend my license and/or revoke it.  My job was in jeopardy and had been suspended from work pending my investigation with the RCB. I retained the services of Seth Weinstein and can honestly say he quickly had my matter settled. In a situation where i felt completely helpless and hopeless Seth not only help me keep my license to practice medicine, but more importantly I kept my job and I got my life back. He was always there when i had a question or concern he is extremely knowledgeable in the field and returned my calls promptly. I HIGHLY recommend Seth for any administrative law issues."

Respiratory Care Practitioner Jacob I., San Jose Client

"Mr. Weinstein represented me in a criminal defense matter and a professional licensing matter. He is a very detail-oriented, diligent attorney with extensive knowledge in law. He provided quality service and attention to detail with prompt responses consistently anytime I had questions or needed guidance while keeping me well-informed and following through with every step throughout the process. His energy and competency reinstates my belief in the legal system. I strongly recommend Seth Weinstein's services to anyone who may need representation."

Respiratory Care Practitioner Michael P., Los Angeles Client

"Seth Weinstein is a great attorney who really helped me out. If not for him I may have lost my job. His expertise in the legal end of my field was reassuring. Seth made himself available right away and answered my questions and concerns.  His confidence in the situation put me at ease with the situation. I definitely recommend him with any license matters." 

Respiratory Care Practitioner Eric S., Los Angeles Client

I retained the services of Seth Weinstein in a professional licensing matter. I immediately knew I made the right decision retaining him because he wasted no time tending to my case.  I was denied my insurance license completely and I was given the option to do a hearing.  Seth is a very detail-oriented attorney and he used his extensive knowledge in law to help me obtain a favorable result, not only did he resolved the matter without a hearing but my license was reinstated without any type of further action on my part. He was always there when I had questions and kept me informed at all times. I strongly recommend Mr. Weinstein’s services to anyone who may need representation. He will definitely go the extra mile to make you get the best results.

Insurance Agent R.D., Los Angeles Client

"Seth Weinstein settled my case quicker, with less drama than several other attorneys I met with. Also his fee was much more reasonable than what some other attorneys wanted to charge me for the same amount of work without being able to settle it so quickly. Seth Weinstein resolved my issue within 4 weeks of being retained, I was shocked when he called me and gave me the good news. Every other attorney I spoke with wanted to drag out my case and request more time for the courts, Seth Weinstein was able to settle my case without requesting more time and having only 7 weeks before my hearing. He kept me from having to go into court for the administrative hearing and saved me a lot of money and time. I would refer Seth to everyone I know who has an issue with the licensing bureaus. He knows what he is doing and he will put your mind at ease once you retain him. He takes the pressure off of you and works with you in ways that other attorneys would never. I cannot express the way Seth Weinstein has helped me with my case and it is unbelievable how quickly and efficiently he was able to resolve my case. Seth Weinstein is truly an EXPERT in his field. 

Thank you for everything Seth."

Insurance Agent Meyer C., Los Angeles Client

"For over three years I tried to settle a dispute over an audit conducted by an overzealous auditor from the State of California’s Board of Equalization.  The original group I hired to appeal the audit was unsuccessful in even the slightest movement on the appeal.  Within a month after hiring Seth he negotiated what I consider an excellent settlement with the State, netting me a refund of almost 60% of the monies that the State collected due to the overzealous and faulty audit.

Once the settlement was accepted Seth followed up on a regular basis with the State agency, as the acceptance did require a number of levels of bureaucracy to view the new audit numbers and sign off on the work.  Seth kept me very informed of the progress, and when things became bogged down at the state level he was able to contact the proper people and move the refund process forward.  Seven months after hiring Seth I received a check from the State of California for the complete settlement.  Seth was able to do in seven months what our previous representation wasn’t able to do in three years.

I can highly recommend Seth. He is professional, a stickler to detail, excellent at communicating the issues of the case, and a tough negotiator, all which are good to have on your side."

Liquor Licensee Joel C., Los Angeles Client 

"We chose Mr. Weinstein to represent us on a building permit issue based on his expertise in local code as well as the positive reviews we read online.  We are pleased to add our own positive feedback to that list.  We were impressed with Mr. Weinstein from the start.  He was immediately responsive, spoke with us by phone on the weekend and then arranged for a consultation at a location convenient to us.  He understood our urgency in resolving our legal issues and started right away researching our case.  He clearly laid out what our options might be as well as the next steps he planned on taking.  He provided frequent and timely updates as well as reminders when important deadlines were coming up.  Ultimately, despite some resistance from the city, Mr. Weinstein got our case dismissed.  We will definitely recommend him to anyone who might need legal representation."

Susan C. & Kris C., Los Angeles Clients

"Thank you and your firm for providing me with highest level of professional legal counsel available.  The advice and representation I received throughout the very difficult process was everything I hoped for and everything you promised me since day one. You were supremely responsive and persistent, you went above and beyond. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Ariann A., Ventura County Client

“One of the most impressive things Seth brought to the table was his overall work ethic. From day 1, Seth went above and beyond to make my experience less stressful by breaking down all of the legal logistics that can be very daunting and confusing to someone like me with very limited legal knowledge. In addition, I never questioned his reliability because he always followed up when he said he would or earlier, and he came back prepared to move to the next step. Seth’s dedication to his clients is clear and I would recommend him to anyone in need of legal assistance.”

Chelsea L., Culver City Client

“Seth Weinstein is an attorney who truly cares about each client. For Seth, it is about helping clients reach their goals. Seth is thorough and aggressive in his pursuit of achieving success for his clients. The bottom line is if you want a trustworthy attorney at your side fighting for you, then Seth is your best bet. Seth has given me nothing but great legal advice, including how to save me money. How many attorneys would do that? He has not only been the consummate attorney, but also a friend who truly cared about my well being in court. A great legal advisor and cherised friend, attorney Seth Weinstein is second to none.”

Leo S., Los Angeles Client

"Seth Weinstein is a prime example of what a lawyer should be. He is personable, professional and empathetic. He was upfront and explained every step in detail which allowed for proper expectations, this was invaluable. Seth is my lawyer for life."

Sebastian R., Los Angeles Client

“Seth Weinstein helped me with a hearing at the DMV with excellent results. Thanks to Seth, the DMV reinstated my driving privilege within weeks of the hearing. He charged a very reasonable rate, worked extremely hard for me and was a consummate professional.  He is a good man and a great attorney and I recommend him whole-heartedly."

Akbar M., Los Angeles Client

I have had a couple of friends in trouble and when they call me I tell them their very next call should be to call Seth Weinstein. Seth is very prompt to respond to their requests for legal representation. Whenever we have questions, he  explains all possibilities for the case. He has done excellent work for all of us. We have never been disappointed. My friends and I will never use another business lawyer for any legal issue.

Julian D., Los Angeles Client

"If you have a problem, call Seth. He is quick, efficient  and practical in resolving all legal issues. He will get to the bottom of the matter quickly saving you time and money. He is extremely knowledgeable and also quite reasonable compared to other lawyers. Seth makes it a pleasure to deal with a lawyer. 5 star rating."

Robert T., Los Angeles Client



"Seth Weinstein is one of the top professional licensing attorneys in California.  I often refer clients who have potential licensing issues to Seth for consultations as well as representation on matters before licensing boards when applicable.  As a DUI and Criminal defense attorney, many of my clients are nurses, doctors and teachers, but I know his expertise extends far beyond that to include licensing issues for contractors, day-cares and business license defense to name a few. 

In situations where I referred my clients to Seth regarding their professional licensing issue, I have asked them to let me know how things went.  The reports have come back that Seth is straight forward and reasonable when dealing with clients, and knowledgeable and steadfast when handling professional license cases.  I couldn’t agree more.  I highly recommend Seth Weinstein to assist or handle professional licensing matters."

Phil Hache, Sherman Oaks Criminal Defense Attorney

"Seth is a dedicated advocate with an exceptional knowledge of Administrative Law. I have referred clients to him in the past with great results, and I will not hesitate to refer to him again. Seth is an honest, ethical, and hard-working attorney. He fights for his clients to achieve the best results."

Marina Ayzenstein, Woodland Hills Family Law Attorney

"Seth Weinstein is one of my most trusted and valued colleagues.  He is the first person I turn to for advice with my own criminal defense cases, and the first person I refer my clients to when they are facing professional licensure/certification problems. Seth is diligent, knowledgeable, and above all practical.  He has a working knowledge of how cases actually get filed, handled, and how they resolve.  Most importantly, he is always courteous and professional. I have never seen him cut someone off short or fail to listen to, and respond to, every concern -- whether it's a client, colleague, or opposing counsel. Seth is the best!"

Nadja Habinek, Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

"Seth is an exceptionally hardworking, honest and knowledgable professional license defense attorney. He is a zealous advocate for his clients, and always ensures his clients and their needs come first.  It is comforting to know that I can recommend his services to my clients in need of his services, and I will continue to do so with confidence."

Aree Shahparnia, Sherman Oaks Family Law Attorney

"What makes for a stand-out attorney is passion. People can tell immediately when an attorney is passionate about their clients’ cases, passionate about their job and passionate about the law. Passion is something of which Seth possesses an abundance. Seth’s ability to handle everything from the simple to complex of criminal law cases stems from his broad knowledge of the law. I would recommend anyone in the Southern California area who needs representation in the administrative law area to contact Seth. He has the skill, knowledge and zeal to confidently handle cases and he provides clients with white-glove service along the way. Truly one of the best."

Maxwell Briskman Stanfield, California & Pennsylvania Corporate Attorney

“Seth is my go to guy in California when any of my clients need legal representation on the west coast. He possesses the knowledge and skills to effectively represent his clients.”

Steve Roach, Chicago, IL Criminal Defense Attorney